Over The Top Part II: TV, YouTube, and the New In-Between

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There’s a massive amount of video content out there.

Even bigger is the appetite for it.

Considering the shift from traditional TV to platform based content, it’s no secret OTT will reign supreme in the coming years. Below are some thoughtful ways to navigate the new landscape, as both a media company and a content creator:

Media Company

Keep It In-House - TV networks once sought out production companies, but now everyone wants to be their own studio. Hire a versatile team who can handle both business and creative. Your operations manager can double as a stage manager if he/she has the skillsets to do so.

Know What’s Trending - The #hashtag is still a powerful tool. Instagram just recently announced its users can even follow hashtags. What’s trending is a daily white board of potential content ideas. In a world of instant gratification, it’s important to keep an eye on this.

Join Forces - We get by with a little help from our friends...Some companies will team up to grow their subscriber base or promote a new platform. A few years ago, HBO licensed out its content to Amazon Prime to the tune of $300 million, all to promote their recent HBO Now endeavor. The move was a definite success, and HBO’s licensing deal is up next year.

Content Creator

Keep It Episodic - Everyone wants to be the face of the next viral video, but how do you keep the momentum going? This question is answered in a recent blog post.

Be What’s Trending - Again, the hashtag is still a powerful tool. If your trending content is in front of millions of social media users, rest assured it’s in front of the big wigs as well. Your trending video may as well be a pitch to a media company exec. Keep this in mind as you’re creating your content .

Be Original - The Fine Bros launched a series on YouTube back in 2010 entitled “Kids React”, where kids were brought in and put in front of a screen to react to certain content. Their reactions were recorded, and comedy ensued. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of “React” videos on YouTube, each a spinoff of the Fine Bros. Coat-tailing content may get you views, but it probably won’t attract the attention of larger media companies. It’s easier said than done, but be original. Try not to get buried beneath an already successful idea.

Companies and creators alike will always be working to find new and exciting ways to fill screens with content. As TV, YouTube, and OTT continue their evolution, the media landscape will only get bigger.

Kevin Grosch