The Collaboratory Part I: Three Years In Three Days


It took three years, but The Collaboratory finally came together, and the experience was truly special.  

For three days, we brought together over 100 different creators in different artistic disciplines:  visual art, creative writing, filmmaking and music.  

Our goal was to create a space void of everyday distractions in order to capture creativity in its purest form. 

Cross discipline collaboration resulted in different works addressing some of the most pressing issues in our world:  food waste, recycling, high school education, and saving our forests. 

 Our partner, The Ad Council, provided briefs for these four causes, which were then given to all the participants.  

For a weekend, the creators functioned as the Ad Council’s agency, and everything created during the collaborators three days was geared towards pushing the message of the four causes.  These assets went towards helping the council on all platforms, both digital and print. 

For a short amount of time, The Factory in Franklin became a retreat, a childhood summer camp full of musicians, writers, producers, graphic designers, painters, and sculptors.

People who had never met before were able to walk into a room and form lasting relationships, which turned out to be just as important than the art itself. Creative bonds happened in an instant. 

It really was three years of planning condensed into three days, but the art, joy, and lasting relationships which came out of the weekend will last a lifetime.

Kevin Grosch